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Why Choose Us

We work with new customers and grow their businesses

Deliver on Time

We deliver in a timely manner.

Customer Relation

Work closely with our customers to ensure the product is successful.

Clean Code

We offer advice and recommendations of the type of architecture and code used.


We offer very competitive price.

Support and Training

We offer post-release support and training.


We are organized in the work that we carried out and the projects are very well managed.


Our Customers

About Us


BSC Software Co., Ltd are a very dynamic company with a passion to grow and build a network of clients. Our main focus is to build high quality software to private and public clients at very competitive prices. We listen to our customers needs, and improve their business processes to make it as efficiently as possible. Software can reduce the time spent in any organization making the business processes faster. We pride ourselves in getting the accurate requirements and tailor making the software to your business needs. Our clients benefit from a wide range of expert consultancy and project management services that empower them to drive up service levels to their customers whilst driving down the total cost of ownership.


Software can be crucial in any work place. It provides efficiency in many business processes, making life a lot easier. Our software is designed and suited to cut costs in your business processes and reducing time. This allows your business to concentrate on adding value to your company making it more effective.


Our vision is to provide software to our customers of the highest standard. We have a very competent team of experts that will capture your needs and deliver on time. We expect our growth to extend to corporate clients as we build a strong portfolio of projects.